Here at Urovo, our goal is to build a network of mutually beneficial relationships. To date, Urovo has worked closely with hundreds of famous companies, covering garment, retail, logistics and medical industries. Our marketing and service network spans multiple continents. In China, we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Yantai, Wuhan, and Quanzhou. Our products are sold to more than 40 different countries and regions, including Europe, South-east Asia and South America, in cooperation with more than 300 global distributors, systems integrators and partners.

Excellent distributors, software and systems integrators, and operators form Urovo's distribution and value-added partnerships system. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, Urovo is dedicated to building an ecosystem of shared value, and to becoming one of the world's most valued cross-industry mobile application providers.

Sales Partnerships
Urovo Sales Partners have access to a wide range of Urovo's products and Urovo's industry solution services, and receive full support from our technical team.

Value-added Partnerships
Working closely with our clients, we create customized products through cooperative research and development, interface and plugin design. Our industry solutions provide clients with rich and professional value-added services, satisfying unique customer needs.

Strategic Partnerships
Urovo is dedicated to collaborating broadly with industry leaders in order to advance our partners' technical capabilities and challenge the industry standard. Let us share the mobile market!